ACT Crash Course

HTP helps students complete daily assignments and successfully master new concepts presented in school.


Futures ACT Prep

Our Futures sessions offer a unique and individualized approach designed to maximize scores on the ACT®.

Private Tutoring

Unparalleled one-on-one tutoring services for all ages and levels in a wide variety of academic subjects.

College Admissions

Expert educators effectively guide you through every stage of the college admissions process.

Summer Enrichment

An individualized program designed to strengthen and enrich a student’s knowledge during the summer months.

About us

Founded in 2005 by Moshe Ohayon and locally-owned, the Louisville Tutoring Agency (LTA) was established with the purpose of offering the Louisville community a high quality alternative to the franchise-style tutoring centers that are prevalent today. With its individualized approach to student achievement, LTA has since helped thousands of students successfully reach their academic goals.

Our Mission

The Louisville Tutoring Agency endeavors to meet the needs of all its students, from those who encounter targeted academic challenges to those seeking the highest levels of academic performance, but acknowledges that such a goal will always best be achieved by continually customizing the leaning process to the individual necessities of every one of its students.

Subject Areas

ACT Prep

Our Futures program is designed to provide top-notch ACT preparation to students. These group sessions, offered four times throughout the week, are not classes in the conventional sense, preferring.

Other Standardized Test Prep

Standardized test scores are often an important deciding factor for student placement in school, acceptance into selective high schools, colleges, and graduate programs, as well as scholarship awards.


At LTA, we specialize in tutoring math at almost any level. We will happily match you with a friendly and patient tutor who can help you reach your goals in a variety of math subjects, including:

Natural Sciences

If the sciences are giving you trouble, allow one of our brilliant tutors to simplify the concepts for you and prepare you for those grueling tests. Our tutors specialize in the following subject areas:

Reading & Language

Whether you need assistance writing a paper or boosting your reading score on a standardized test, LTA tutors can provide academic support in a number of language-related areas, including:

Social Sciences & the Humanities

At LTA we provide extensive help in any subject you need, including Social Sciences. We will be happy to match you with a tutor that can help you reach your goals in these social science subjects:

Foregin Languages

LTA offers tutoring and instruction in a number of foreign languages as well as in English as a second language. Allow us to help you achieve proficiency in your foreign language of choice, including:

Study & Organizational Skills


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